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For the highest quality for your whole house water filtration project, choose Eco Waterhouse Technologies. We have manufactured and distributed custom-made water filtration systems in the United States and internationally for more than 25 years. There are dozens of reasons why our whole house water filter is the best filter for your home. With our multistage filtration process and high-performance carbon media, you get sparkling clean water. The water provided by our filtration systems is better quality than any bottled water and miles beyond regular tap water in any home. Expertly designed and perfected, we customize our whole house water filters with the end-user in mind. Whether you live in a two-bedroom family home or a large estate, we have the water filtration solution for you.

Our whole house water filters use a granular activated carbon produced from coconut shell by a high-temperature activation process under stringent quality control. It has a large surface area, high pore volume, high mechanical hardness, and is chemically stable. This product is NSF certified and meets or exceeds all chemical codes, AWWA, and ASTM Protocols.

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Adding a home water filtration system from Eco Waterhouse Technologies will save you thousands of dollars over the years. For as little as a few cents a day you can have better tasting filtered water from every tap in your home. Start enjoying the benefits of sparkling clean water today. Not only will you be amazed by the difference, but you will also be doing your part to help the environment. Clean water out of your tap means no more plastic water bottles in our landfills.

To give you an idea of what you will be saving over the years, consider the following: If you spend just $2.50 per day on a single bottle of water, then over 10 years you will spend $9,125. By purchasing a home water filtration system, you will be saving yourself thousands of dollars. Additionally, the quality of your water will be better than any bottled water you can buy at the store. For a free quote and an in-home water assessment, contact one of our filtration specialists today.

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