Purified Water

Great Tasting, Environmentally Friendly Purified Drinking Water Anywhere on the Planet

If you seek the great taste of purified drinking water for your home or place of business, then Eco Waterhouse Technologies has the solution for you. We understand that providing you and your family with environmentally friendly and clean tasting water shouldn’t simply be a luxury. All of our drinking water systems feature the highest-level filtration available. Using sophisticated interchangeable filters and state-of-the-art reverse osmosis, we will customize a solution for your specific water needs and provide you with healthier and better-tasting water that will make a significant difference in your home.

Our filters are also environmentally friendly, which means we incorporate green methods of water purification that avoid artificially altering the water or causing more pollution to our freshwater supply. Additionally, making plastic bottles for water uses 1.5 million barrels of crude oil, enough to fuel 100,000 American cars for a whole year. Furthermore, 2.7 million tons of plastic are used to bottle commercial water. According to the Earth Policy Institute, 86% of these plastic bottles will become garbage or litter. Our water filters offer you an all-natural method of filtration that will help to purify your water without a negative impact on the environment.

Under the Sink Water Filter for Every Kitchen

Eco Waterhouse Technologies has a vision: that every kitchen has an under the sink water filter. Most people understand that tap water is not the best water for drinking, but they prefer the convenience and ease of going to their sink and pouring themselves a glass. Today, that doesn’t mean you need to ingest the harmful toxins and metals that may be in tap water. Installing an under the sink water filter means you can restore the convenience of having clean, purified drinking water right out of the tap. We customly build filters for any home or office to ensure the cleanest drinking water available.

We design our filters to reduce the harmful impurities to ensure safer and better-tasting drinking water. Cleaner water also helps keep your appliances running for as long as possible. Over time, installing a filter in your home or workplace will help you save money by eliminating the need for water bottles and water delivery service. To learn more about what Eco Waterhouse Technologies has to offer, contact us today!


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