Eco Waterhouse System

for Organic Garden

Organic farming management relies on developing biological diversity in the field to disrupt habitat for pest organisms, and the purposeful maintenance and replenishment of soil fertility. Organic farmers are not allowed to use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

Organic farming, without the use of chemicals to boost production, keeps soil healthy. Healthy soil has more nutrients and produces healthier, nutrient-rich crops. In addition, by not dumping chemicals, including pesticides and nitrates, into the ground, organic farming helps keep our water cleaner.

Filtration Benefits for the Organic Garden:

  • Eliminates the kill of the microbiology in the soil that is vital in converting minerals into forms that nourish the plant
  • 8,000 minutes of watering for your garden
  • Less than 1/3 cent per gallon for truly mineral rich food
  • Easy to attach to your hose or watering system
  • Lowers the surface tension of the water ant that improves soil percolation and root propagation which allows better hydration and absorption of minerals to vegetation


Drinking Water Contaminants (PDF)

Organic Garden Filtration System (PDF)

Coconut Shell High Activated Carbon (PDF)

Catalytic-High Activated Carbon (PDF)

KDF Specs (PDF)

PH Scale (PDF)

Purolite Water Softening Resin Guide (PDF)

Optional Vortex (PDF)

Whole House System Floor Space (PDF)

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