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Mark Soltynski, CEO

Mark was born in Poland and moved to the US in the early ’80s. As a Civil Engineer specializing in water treatment, he started working as consultant in Southern California engineering companies. His interest in water quality directed him to further understanding of water treatment at California State University Long Beach and California State University Fullerton. Mark fulfilled his passion when he joined a team to design and construct several major projects throughout Southern California – like modification of the Marshburn Basin in the City of Irvine, which controls all run-off from the entire North Orange County region, including Great Park area. His past work also includes water treatment analysis for Irvine Spectrum Center in the City of Irvine CA. He designed 25 underground water filtration systems which treats run off water before it reaches the storm drain system and the ocean. Later in his career, Mark specialized in projects that included water quality analysis and treatment solutions for warehouses in sizes of more than one million square feet located in most Southern California regions. In addition to his Civil Engineering degree, he is also a Certified Water Specialist and has his California Contractor and Certified Installer licenses.

In the early ’90s, Mark’s passion of water treatment solutions brought him to startup companies in Eastern Europe, where clean water was always a big problem. With his expertise, he helped develop many water treatment companies in Europe.

In 1991, he started his own water treatment company with a focus on manufacturing and distribution in the USA and Europe. Today, he manufactures many different water filters of his own design, including the best-selling ALAK4, which naturally delivers alkaline, ionized, and hydrogen rich water. He also manufactures custom whole house filtration systems, shower filters, and many more. His water filters can be used for home, office, cafeterias, organic gardens, and more.

You can meet Mark Soltynski at his show room in Dana Point, where he can demonstrate his products and answer questions about water treatment techniques, different water filters, and eliminating specific contaminates.

Dr. Grace Soltynski

Grace is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, practicing Functional Medicine. In addition, she is a licensed psychotherapist.

Since early 30’s, Grace has been curious about Longevity and Healthy Living. She was puzzled by some people barely making it to retirement age while others blowing out a candle on their ninety –eight birthday. This burning question opened the world of Healthy living for her including WATER.

Grace became passionate about WATER as the most essential element of Well Being. This has been the most important reason for Grace to join the Eco Waterhouse Team.

Grace believes that everyone can achieve optimum health and ageless life for themselves.

You can meet Dr. Grace every Saturday at Eco Waterhouse store as she proudly presents the healthiest water in town and answers pressing questions on supplements and herbal formulas for preventing illness and prolonging longevity.

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