Large Estate Home Systems

If you are interested in filtering chlorine and chemicals in your water as well as eliminating the negative effects of hard water without the use of salt then the low maintenance, easy-to-use Eco Waterhouse Technologies Combo Series with UV is your answer.

Benefits of Whole House Filtration

  • Bacterial removal system with the ultimate UV protection that destroys 99.9% of harmful microorganisms like E. Coli, Cryptosporidium, Giardiasis and does not affect taste, color and odor of water
  • Great tasting coffee and tea
  • Better quality water from every tap in your home
  • Softer skin and hair
  • Best warranty on the market
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee
  • 5 year performance guarantee
  • Limited lifetime warranty on tank and parts


Catalytic-High Activated Carbon (PDF)

Carbons and Chloramines (PDF)

KDF Specs (PDF)

WS1 and WS1.25 Drawings & Service Manual (PDF)

FLECK 5800 Service Manual (PDF)

Drinking Water Contaminants (PDF)

Purolite Water Softening Resin Guide (PDF)

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