Eco Waterhouse System

for Food and Beverage Processing

Food processing and beverage manufacturing are complex processes with many critical filtration applications. Each product has unique characteristics that can be affected positively and negatively by filtration. You can count on our experience to help you evaluate filters for applications from clarification to bacteria removal.

There are many man-made chemicals that can potentially contaminate a water supply if they are not disposed of properly. These chemicals may impair water quality and cause a health hazard. Examples of these chemicals include petroleum products, industrial chemicals and agricultural pesticides.

We understand how each filtration media will interact with the liquid and how each media can affect the character of food, wine, beer, juices or other liquids. We will help you create efficient filtration processes for your operations that remove what you don’t want but, more importantly, let you keep the flavor and character you want in your products. Partner with us to find the filter options that cost-effectively comply with regulations, protect product quality, protect customers and protect your brand.

Eco Waterhouse Systems in Food and Beverage Processing:

  • Food & Liquid — We understand how each filtration media will interact with food or liquid and how each media can affect the character of your product
  • Juice Production — We’ll install the filter devices to remove particles, yeast, molds or even thermoacidophilic bacterial spores
  • Wine Production — We will help you choose filter devices that will cost-effectively remove spoilage organisms and other flavor-killing particulates but allow flavor enhancing content and color to pass
  • Beer Brewing — We can help you customize a filtration solution for your lager, ale, porter or stout
  • Bottle Water — We will protect your water quality via filters that will not affect the chemistry or taste, but will retain organisms and other contaminants that could harm customers or flavor


Drinking Water Contaminants (PDF)

Light Commercial Unit (PDF)

Alkaline RO Filtration Stages (PDF)

Tourmaline Crystal (PDF)

How Does Alkaline Water Works To Extend Life (PDF)

Coconut Shell High Activated Carbon (PDF)

Catalytic-High Activated Carbon (PDF)

PH Scale (PDF)

Optional Vortex (PDF)

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