Eco Waterhouse Technologies: Providing Clean Water Solutions Nationwide

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Eco Waterhouse Technologies website. Regardless of where your water comes from, if you need clean water solutions for your homeofficerestaurant, or café, we have one for you. For more than 25 years, we have served our customers throughout the United States and internationally.

From our company’s headquarters in Dana Point, California, Eco Waterhouse Technologies distributes our systems nationwide. Our team of highly experienced technicians provides full-service water systems. We manufacture, distribute, and install water filtration systems for your home at an affordable price.

How it Works:

  • Premium quality alkaline water
  • Extremely knowledgeable staff
  • Free water analysis
  • Free home estimate

Customize Your home taps

We can make a custom filtration system to best serve you and your home. When you purchase a water system from us, we ship everything and provide instructions on how to install it in your home.

hand is holding water bottle filling it up from natural rock

Our Filters Get Rid of Such Contaminants as:

Filter Systems

Whole House Systems

For the highest quality for your whole house water filtration project, choose Eco Waterhouse Technologies.

Shower Filters

Eco Waterhouse Technologies manufactures and sells premium and custom shower filters and water softeners.

Purified Water

We provide solutions to help our customers get purified drinking water in their homes.

Alkaline Water

If you’re searching for premium, natural alkaline water, visit Eco Waterhouse Technologies.

Water System: Analysis, Repairs, & More

Eco Waterhouse Technologies’ experienced Service Technicians are trained and certified to provide water system analysis, service, repair, and maintenance on all major brands of water softenerswater purifierswater filterswater alkalizers, and pool water treatment systems. Our extremely knowledgeable staff is happy to share their expertise and offer recommendations for you.

We stand behind our work and we are proud of our signature systems. We work with you on obtaining not only high-quality water with the system you choose but also on providing exceptional service in its future maintenance. Call us today for a free home estimate and water analysis.

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