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Welcome and thank you for stopping by. Whether you get your water from a municipal supply or a local well, or whether you need cleaner water in your home, office, restaurant or cafe we have a right solution for you.

We’ve been serving our customers for over 25 years. Our experienced Service Technicians are trained and certified to provide service, repair, and maintenance on all major brands of water softeners, water purifiers, water filters, water alkalizes, and pool water treatment systems.

Clean Water Solutions Since 1991

Eco Waterhouse Technologies Signature Systems

We stand behind our work and we are proud of our signature systems. We work with you on obtaining not only high quality water with the system you choose but also on providing exceptional service in its future maintenance.

Our signature systems

Fusion XT Line of Filters

The Fusion XT filters provide softening and regeneration process to your water system. Softwater works by hardwater entering the water softener system. As it passes throughout the resin bed inside the tank the hardwater minerals are attracted and attach to the resin beads, leaving only softened water to service the home.


Eco Waterhouse Caters to Your Needs

Tell us about your water needs and we’ll make sure to provide the best solution.

Under Counter Water System for Your Kitchen

All of our drinking water systems feature the highest-level of water filtration available. Using state-of-the-art reverse osmosis and sophisticated interchangeable filters, we can customize a solution for your specific water needs. Learn more

Water System for Organic Food Processing

Food processing and beverage manufacturing are complex processes with many critical filtration applications. Each product has unique characteristics that can be affected positively and negatively by filtration. Learn more

Water System for Your Organic Garden

Organic farming, without the use of chemicals to boost production, keeps soil healthy. Healthy soil has more nutrients and produces healthier, nutrient-rich crops. In addition, by not dumping chemicals, including pesticides and nitrates, into the ground, organic farming helps keep our water cleaner. Learn more

What Contaminants Are Addressed With Our Eco Waterhouse Filters

  • Chlorine

  • Chloramine

  • Volatile organic compounds (voc’s)

  • Industrial solvents

  • Synthetic organic compounds (soc’s)

  • Chlorine byproducts

  • Pesticides

  • Heavy metals

  • Herbicides

  • Fluoride

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Other contaminants

Eco Waterhouse Work Samples